Reader of the Week: Mephisto Colville Andersen

When Behooving Moving was but a dalliance, not the global phenomenon for 40+ guys it has become, I ran a little reader of the week segment. It went on until I had worked my way through all my friends—all 40+ guys, all into bikes. So yes, it lasted for a little over one month. But now that I am travelling and making friends with other 40+ guys (all bike nuts of course), I realise "reader of the week" can start again! Hooray you all say. 

The handful of female readers among you, will no doubt have heard of Mephisto Colville-Andersen. Women cyclists feel toward Mephisto the way sisters of Mexican mice, feel toward Speedy Gonzales. They feel they are his personal friend. And ladies, any of you who care to join us for drinks tomorrow evening, here in sunny Copenhagen, will be treated as such. He’s under instructions from me, to try to be social. Just get your saddle sore arses along to Bang and Jensen on Istedgade, where we shall be awaiting your arrival at 7. And alright, I guess our (my) male stalkers are welcome there too.

Left: our species worth saving. Middle: someone must love him. Right: yet another deeply superficial hero of mine. 

To business though. Mephisto is described on wikepedia as a "self-proclaimed" urban mobility expert. Well that is rather harsh. He is perhaps the most credentialed populariser of cycling, especially to modern women, since Susan B. Anthony. He has more effectively promoted cycling with a few candid shots of fashionably dressed women on bikes, mostly in Copenhagen, than John Forester ever did with that boring tomb [sic] Effective Cycling. It does seem unfair, that this image hungry, libidinous society in which we live, has lapped this guy up, while yawning at the routines of seasoned bicycling advocates. The later have fought to save humanity. You could say Mikael is more concerned with celebrating our species, in a way that reminds us that we are worth saving. Pardon me, but if the ship were sinking, I would sooner give up my spot in the lifeboat for a well dressed woman (especially you, Primrose my dear), than some nerd in a grease stained fluoro vest. In that way, I am a deeply superficial person, as Andy Warhol would say.  And Andy, I know you’re reading too!    

Now, if you will pardon my tendency to giggle like a girl at my own jokes, here’s an iPhone clip of Professor Mephisto showing me around his cute yuppie neighbourhood. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    As a former reader of the week I applaud Mikael’s inclusion into this fine tradition.

    I trust you are able to deal with the fans and groupies that will no doubt turn out in huge numbers.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE Mikael. His blog totally transformed how I cycle, and my life has been greatly enhanced as the result. Is this pre or after the cracked ribs? He looks awfully well. Please send my regards.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Forester didn’t write a tomb, but a tome.
    Mikael can do what he wants, and I find both he and Forester to be nearly insufferable but I also find Forester to have more to say.

    • Steven says:

      Re: Stuffy

      Sir, my mother would tell me sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. “No,” I would say, “it is being pedantic.”
      But thanks for exposing my Freudian slip. I am tempted to leave the word “tomb” 🙂

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