Mill Valley CA

  I fear a month now of test riding restless cities, may have eroded my otherwise staunch constitution (or perhaps not). Either way, as a precautionary measure,  I have checked myself in for three days in the […]

BMX Breakin'

For decades but a dream, it seems the essential pieces of the puzzle are now in place, for BMX Breakin’ to be the next biggest most awesomest thing since Lance Armstrong stepped on the moon. Actually, […]

Bike nuts unite!

Regular readers of Behooving Moving (hi Roberto, hi Gusto) may recall some unflattering things I once had to say regarding bikes with small wheels. Go on, click here, and refresh your memory. In all modesty, that […]

It's fun to stay at the YMCA

My glum mood lately has occasioned a little soul searching. Have I been living on too rich a diet of travel? Has it made me less smart, or reflexive? Have I forsaken the interior life for […]

Bike-Friendly Frank