Occasional luck with the camera

From left: Boston’s only few hundred meters of separated bike paths are directly in front of Gehry’s Stata Centre at MIT. The bike trail that takes you to, but not into, Washington airport. Clouds, cherry blossoms and titanium shingles. You can actually ride a bike up and through Le Corbusier’s only building in the US, the Carpenter Centre, and the building is actually more delightful to experience at bike speed.  
From Left: the network of paths around Gehry’s bandshell in Millennium Park Chicago is inviting to cyclists. Gehry’s Stata Centre at MIT clusters bike parking around the glass foyer, to deter thieves, and even provides cyclists with this bike work stand! Whole Foods and Bikes. McDonalds Bicycle Centre Chicago, with Gehry’s bandshell yonder there in the distance.


Both of these are of Washington bikestation. The spider grips holding the glass look like handlebars to my eye, oh and a little like those rod ends they use to steer box bikes. 

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