I am 'maisingly 'maising

From left: Former owner with usual pangs of regret; stopped on a bridge; road signs for cyclists, how ’bout that!; stopping was occasion for more than one photo.

In certain quarters that I am aware of, murmurs of doubt surround my less than subtle suggestions that I am a giant. It has even been said than I’m just pretty big, above average, someone who can only win when given a generous handicap or favourable grade. Let it be known though that I have just ridden from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, not on a road bike, but on a small wheel single speed Brompton, loaded up with 20+ kilos, and some of that on my back. And may it be known also that I got lost many times trying to follow the scenic route, LN2, that narrows to one tire width, cuts through back yards, includes a punt crossing, and must be half as much longer again than the journey by car (not including wrong turns!). 7 hours in the saddle. Oh and if you care to check Holland’s weather today, you will see I ride into a Southerly headwind. Oh yes oh yes, and I did it without the map I had bought for the journey, having absentmindedly lost it as I was leaving Amsterdam. So there you have it. And apart from tendinitis setting into my left knee, thanks to that one gear not made for headwinds, cobbles and carrying tents, I feel fricking awesome. It was a wonderful day, truly. 


  1. Anonymous says:

    St Behooving!

    You remind me of Hugo Vihlen who crossed the Atlantic in a 5’11” yacht. Do you also wear hair shirts and self-flagellate?

    When I spent a day cycling the Netherlands bike paths from Amsterdam to Middelburg I used my recumbent Thijs Rowingbike complete with touring bags and, of course, a large comfortable chair. If there was a headwind I wouldn’t have noticed. 210 km, 7 hrs, no pain, very comfortable.

    If you’re planning more trips like that I pray your efforts to obtain a velomobile prove fruitful*. In the meantime you are certainly reducing your stay in purgatory. Perhaps you could offer up some of your surplus suffering for us;-)

    *youtube.com/user/xlnetwork#p/u/23/t4nmvHCSTUE, especially 2:55-3:00

    • Steven says:

      Re: St Behooving!

      Indeed cycling has flourished as a schism of Christianity. One need only refer to the lyrics of our first hymn, Queen’s “I want to ride my bicycle”. Great clip. Take away motorised transport and we all could be rogues and very few would ever get hurt. The world would be one huge free skate time.

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