Exposing class tensions wherever they impact on cycling

To we yuppies, the slow looking bicycle is as essential an accoutrement as the pooch, and clothes with paint splatters. Our desirable inner city neighbourhoods (please, don’t call them "suburbs") attract so many hermit crab types—you […]

The man who stole the world's seat belts

Once there was a billionaire, who realized the greatest thing he could do for humanity, would be to correct the asymmetry between cars and gentler ways of getting around, such as walking and cycling, or riding […]

Confessions of a "handicap specialist."

Should the life of a seminal voice on the architecture of bicycle transit ever weigh too much on my soul, I would settle into a quieter career, I don’t know, as a corsetier maybe, and on […]

Riding positions

A gentleman who does not know his sleeve length (76cm/30"), and collar size (38cm/15") I’m afraid is not quite ready for button up clothes. We have all been there. We had our unleavened skin though, which […]

I wuv my commoot

I once knew a man, a fine looking man, who married a woman who rubbed the whole world the wrong way, and perhaps because of this manner, had a face we all winced at as well. […]