Get the look: kind pa who might take you sailing

Be that grandfather you always wish you had had, instead of that tyrant who smoked on the dunny and flogged you with his belt. Be the kind of kind grandfatherly type who wears boat shoes ($120— on half price special), shoulder rounding cotton cardigans (a ridiculous $22 on special at Country Road), and Polo shirts ($20 at the same sale where I found the cardigan).
With this look, kids will come to you first when they scrape their knee, and rush to be photographed with you at the skate park. Women will see you as a refreshing alternative to the kinds of men who they find attractive. Men will buy you many free beers in the hope you will offer to take them out sailing, oh and their mates, oh and 15 hired ladies, oh and is it okay if they steer? Yes, here is a look to fool anyone, save perhaps my eldest son’s buddies, who did seem a little reluctant to pose looking chummy. It’s okay kids, I don’t own a boat. Blew all my money on pushies instead. 

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