With a bike the whole city is a kind of a building

Please don’t tell my boys, but since watching this Youtube clip, and getting big up on "Squid", New York’s celebrity messenger, I have regressed to some of my former patterns of riding. I can’t do it out in the burbs, but between Newcastle East and Newcastle West, I can tell you nothing beats pedal power. You just have to tell yourself you’re going to keep going regardless. During busy times of the day, I swear I could head down, back, then back down any arterial road in my city, before you could make it down once in your car. It’s almost too easy, to call it a challenge.

I’ve never owned a fixie, just borrowed a few for short rides, but from my limited experience I can say they are like cycling, only a little like walking as well. They enlarge your strides. So I’m imagining my Kamikaze city assaults, if I did them on a track bike. I suspect those rides might feel like a brisk walk through a crowd. Riding from one end of town to the other, would be like walking from Coles to K-Mart inside a big mall. So guess what? The city just got turned into a building.
In architecture, it’s usually the other way around. Buildings are conceived as microcosms of cities. But with a bicycle, division becomes multiplication. I can take a few steps on the cranks, and go from one block to the next block, like stepping down a corridor from my door to your door.  


  1. Anonymous says:

    Out of the cage

    I did exactly that today on a borrowed mountain bike (except without the fixie bit.) Compared to a velomobiel (or any recumbent) the mountain bike was like stepping out of a cage. The outlook, control, agility & sense of command were a revelation. Top speed, when conditions changed, was of course half or less. Horses for courses eh?

    • Steven says:

      Re: Out of the cage

      slicks or nobblies? The air in the tread does slow mountain bikes down a good deal.
      Head down and bum up on a road bike is reasonably aero. Small riders like me feel it more, than bigger guys who seem to just plough through the air with their bulk.
      Am certainly looking forward to test riding some velomobiles in Holland.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Out of the cage

        Nobblies at 64psi. However, from my experience it’s almost all about wind resistance once above 20kph. My fastest bike is the rowing bike (faster than the Aerorider) and I can just sustain 40kph on the flat(Derk the athlete can sustain 63kph.) My rowingbike’s speedo shows an 89kph high but that was in a descent.

        True I notice the mountain bike’s rolling resistance but I notice it’s wind resistance a lot more as speed increases.

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