Campus Battles

I never had much time for student unions, even when I was a student, always seeing them as rich indulged kids, artfully slumming at Daddy’s expense. If anything, their fake lefty ways pushed my politics more to the right. And now I learn it is the student association of my university who keep calling for plentiful cheap parking on campus. As usual, they are representing better off students, such as themselves, who can afford to use cars.

Our founding fathers drove to the paddocks in search of a suitable site for car parking. 

Here are the per week transport costs for students using various modes: Car, $100. Public transport, $20. Bicycle, $1. If we put a monetary value on the health benefits of cycling, we could say our cyclists are actually profiting.

So what should student associations be doing? Moreover, what can their more enlightened classmates, those who cycle, be doing to educate student associations in the ways of alternative transport? Because it is student groups who aught to be lobbying on behalf of their poorest constituents, for free bike parking stations with showers, lockers and laundry facilities exclusively for those who cycle to uni. Student groups aught to be calling for car parks to be given up as sites for cheap student lodgings, providing mid-week bunks for students living at home, when home is two hours away. I can’t believe student associations aren’t champions of alternative transport strategies, but instead keep calling for car parks.  


  1. Anonymous says:

    University cycling

    There would seem to be a natural partnership between uni gyms and cycling facilities at universities. Given that student unions are often involved in the gyms perhaps this is where they could advocate. Running design competition to create innovative inexpensive bike racks could also be part of that agenda. At our inner city university we have neither of these but then, there isn’t any car parking either!

    • Steven says:

      Re: University cycling

      Absolutely! Though sometimes I wonder if our uni gym isn’t opposed to cycling, because it lowers demand for go-nowhere pedaling. On our “bush-land”, make that “car-land” campus, most gym users drive across campus to the gym, to jump on treadmills and exercise bikes. Now, I don;t want to use the internet as a soap box for hate speech, can I say though, they I “feel” like blowing things up 🙂
      Hmm, I could just get a job at some urban campus and turn my back on the disaster.

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