Bolshies and Kamikazes

Sanity lies between extremes. Cluttering bike paths with your kids, if they’re still on their training wheels, puts you over there with the Bolsheviks and Saddam Hussein when he used schools as shields. Then way off to the right, we have morons like these:

It is the least I can do for our fair species, to give these Kamikazes an audience. They obviously don’t want to live long enough to have children.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, irresponsible youth, I have ridden like that while working as a bike courier in London and Sydney – 20years ago. It’s a buzz and fantastic fun.

    Morphed from the dark side to become over the last decade a responsible bike advocate and adult cycle skills instructor who is more law abiding on the road when riding and driving than the majority.

    There’s hope for those kamikazes.

  2. Steven says:

    Indeed, and we’re so glad you survived. I must concur too, wearing the deep scars of two major accidents (ouch, rear vision mirror that went into my thigh!), and the memories of some nasty near misses.
    But here we go, glorifying stupidity. Perhaps our surviving was a Darwinian test.

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