Introducing the "Happy Bicycle", from HIGH MINDED bicycle Co.

Why didn’t someone tell me earlier I wasting my time designing a new bike for air travelers, that someone had beaten me to the punch? Why did it take until today, for someone to email me a link to the Happy Bicycle?

When next you travel to some alien land, don’t walk around not knowing what to do with your hands, afraid people might know you’re a tourist. Blend right into the peloton, on your own Happy Bicycle, from HIGH MINDED Bicycle Co.. Travel can be taxing, not knowing when you might find the next toilet, so wear an incontenance pad in your undies, while you ride your Happy Bicycle, from HIGH MINDED Bicycle Co.. Consider wearing a drink hat so you don’t dehydrate, on your Happy Bicycle, balancing your fluids right there in the privacy of your own pants. Blend in even more with zinc cream the colour of locals’ skin, and that way be sun smart, well hydrated, and never in need of a wee, as you wiz about sightseeing, on your Happy Bicycle from HIGH MINDED Bicycle Co., in Shanghai.

From the mission statementof HIGH MINDED Bicycle Co:

“I go with the trend!” This is still HIGH MINDED spirit! Inspired by the spirit of this, yet the creativity and imagination HIGH MINDED has been greatly play, HIGH MINDED companies still design and produce the original of the world, have complete independent intellectual property rights “suitcase-folding bike,” This is not only to people’s lives has brought great convenience, but also to fill the gaps in the field of world cycling, the level of China’s bicycle industry became a world leader.

Fabulous stuff. How long before Eurovision’s boundaries incorporate China? Because Ukraine needs to know how it feels for we imperialists’ children, when the Nouveau riche move onto our blocks, acting like they know how to be. Of course, while I laugh, one in every million Chinese will buy a Happy Bicycle from HIGH MINDED Bicycle Co., in Shanghai, and push that company’s sales past Giant’s and Electra’s combined. Go ahead China, steal our industry. Be the biggest maker, and market. You can’t take our snootiness.


  1. Rod Pasamba says:

    I’m interested to buy 1 unit of HAPPY BICYCLE. How much is the price plus shipping rate to Chicago, Illinois USA?

    • Steven says:

      Dear Rod, 1 unit of Happy Bicycle will be to cost $100,000—. That to includes 10,000 happy bicycle. For you though Mr Rod special friend, special one time discount of 50% if order more than 1000 units.

  2. Rod Pasamba says:

    I am just asking for the price of one(1) piece of a HAPPY BICYCLE.. I don’t intend to buy all of your stocks. . .$100,000 for one piece of a HAPPY BICYCLE is an awesome price that would scare all of your customers. Thank you for your time.

    • Steven says:

      Dear Mr Rod sir, so sorry my subordinate answer your before email, with inferior english. For one piece of HAPPY BICYLE, you say what piece you want, whether pedal or wheel or the seat, and we send you one 1,000,000 pedals or seats, whatever you want.

  3. Edo says:

    Dear Steven
    How do you do .
    I’m Edo in Korea.
    If we order 1000units. Please tell us this price .
    From Edo

  4. Steven says:

    Dear Edo, this today special special for you. 1000 happy bicycle for USD$1000. TT fund immediately nows to take advantage of special price.

  5. Edo says:

    Dear Steven
    Please tell us your price to our e-mail .
    Best Regards

  6. Hire says:

    Whats price of one bicycle and if i buy 100 then what discount your company give?

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