Architect designed furniture from bicycle tubes

I knew this idea would not go away, so I left it idling in my subconscious. That is, until now. The idea is that and Charlotte Perriand’s and Le Corbusier’s furniture pieces do look very bicycle-like. The connection, I learn now after some research [1], is very direct. Pieces like their famous chaise-lounge are actually made from bicycle tubes. Columbus? Reynolds? We may never know. We do know that because bike tubes are thinner, they’re actually harder to bend without buckling. It can be done though, even if you have to pack each tube with sand while you bend it, your efforts rewarded with an infinitely lighter furniture piece than could ever be made using heavy gal water pipes. An instance, I guess, of the bike’s weight and elegance being of interest to architects. 

Reference: Mardges Bacon Le Corbusier in America, p. 47.


  1. Steven says:

    Re: Tubes?!?

    Not at all! We are so accustomed to furniture being made from waste products, that you wouldn’t balk if I referred to a chair made from that film you put on the screen of your iPhone. And why hasn’t some furniture designer yet flagellated us all for this latest waste, this deplorable waste! There’s money to be made in flagellation, I tell you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Tubes?!?

      And funnily enough when you talk of flagellation I still think of rubber inner tubes?!?

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