Do you know your way to Taipei?

Do you know your way to Taipei? Don’t go back to find some piece of mind! The Taipei International Cycle Show is in Taipei, March 16 to 19. (I hope you read all that to the tune of this song as intended). But if  indeed you do go back to Taipei, this year you will see dress cycling shoes by Hasus. Indeed if the Infinity Beach Cruiser is anything more than an AutoCAD wet dream, you will be haggling with the likes of Giant no doubt, for exclusive rights to this brilliant invention, set to change how we all ride on sand. Oh and of course, you will see bikes you know by famous brand names, without their stickers, just waiting to have your sticker placed on them. Got a cool brand name you would like to launch on the market? I always thought Knuckle Sandwich would be a good name for pink dragsters—if not a British/Chinese fusion dish mixing bread slices and chicken feet.

As fashion weeks in Paris and New York are for the rags trade, The Taipei International Cycle Show is for the bicycle business. Look out for cream leather saddles and matching tool bags this year, by JIUH-YEH CRAFT CO., LTD,  artful thieves of all Brooks’s designs, ready to furnish the burgeoning retro city bike market. YABAN CHAIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. have titanium chains that you can brand "Daisy", "Bondage", or whatever you think is going to sell. I’m not trying to waste your flavour here ladies. I’m just telling you some of what I’ve learned about bikes and how they get from the factory to you.

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