Australia's $10,000,000,000 investment in cycling: figures revealed.

Let us assume, for argument’s sake, that in a generation each household will spend around $1000 on cycling equipment. Most of that expenditure, I’m sure, will be in Santa’s name. Most of it will rust and be left on the curbside for the free council clean up. And some of that expenditure will be from households like mine, that are genuinely invested in bicycle transit and sport. But whatever. I think we can agree that 1K per household, per generation, is a fair guess.

According to Wikipedia, New York City has 3,021,588 households. That’s a three billion dollar transport infrastructure investment, largely going to waste! Three fricking billion. Australia has around ten million households, and therefore a ten billion dollar investment in bicycling infrastructure.

In good faith, the private sector in Australia—ma and pa voters—have put up ten billion. All I’m asking is that the government now match that investment. Adjusted for inflation, that’s less than one tenth of what was spent on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Okay, so it’s double the damage bill from the floods up in Queensland. I don’t mind if the work is rolled out over a couple of years.

Julia, if you’re reading, that’s all I can tell you. Just go run it through parliament. We have the Greens and Abbott on side already.

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