Get the look: Summer Lover

The Ladies, god bless, are drawn to cliches. It’s biological: the need for stability, etc. and bla bla. So here’s a cliched image for keeping/winning a lady, that in terms of the clothing you will need, is Summer-time cheap.

Pseudo relaxed pose, and calf muscle flex pose (Click to view soleus).

Spanking new linen shirt: $90 (per week). Boaty type shorts: $35 on the lee side of Christmas. Dodgy panama hat from fashion store catering to the undiscerning buyer of hats: $15 (or $75 pre Christmas). Some kind of produce, could be the bread stick, but in this case I’ve gone with 1kg of coffee: $40. Wayfarer sunnies: $250 (but you can find cheaper).

Exaggeratedly relaxed pose, and convinced you are handsome pose.  

Whiskers and chest rug ooze nurturing masculinity, while nothing on your feet tells her you are not scared of grass seeds or anything. I’ve used a ladies bike here to let her know I have female friends, or perhaps some loose attachment of the kind that excites the new woman. Germain though is the deeper message conveyed by a bike with no top tube. It tells her just how deeply assured I am of my own masculinity (as though anyone would mistake that mush for a girl’s anyway!) White, cream, silver, pale blue, the coast and salt air always in view over your shoulder, fresh roasted coffee beans on route to your own La Pavoni Espresso Machine… my Primrose of course could have any man in this town, but why on Earth would she even consider!

This look not for you? Perhaps you would prefer: Florentine Gigolo, Motorcycle rebel Really Suave Guys or "grown ups" from when you were a kid. All looks humbly offered in the hope future generations will descend from the cyclists of this one.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice look

    If I wasn’t a predominantly hetro male engineer and that was your Scrap D I could probably turn for you the way you look in that outfit. You even make that ubiquitous hat look stylish.

    I’m guessing you bought your Velorbi at Morgans and are truly satisfied with the performance? They have the 2010 Mens SD out on sale at the moment and I’m hoping my wife is getting one shipped over to Adelaide for me for Valentines. (As if!)

    • Steven says:

      Re: Nice look

      If I am not trespassing, could I ask gently… (not sure how to say this…) I have heard of young single women making first contact with older men on the internet, pretending they are men themselves. This is quite understandable, and I admire you for wanting to first get to know me human-to-human, before you send all the down-the-blouse shots. Enjoy your ladies scrap. You might be too old for me 😉

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