Rapha gone crazy with deals

No, I have no financial connection with Rapha (at least until they sue me). I simply must share with my readers, this opportunity to pick up some items I’m sure you all have been coveting, though teetering before confirming your purchase. Get this though: "Paul Smith" Grand Tour Gloves slashed from $245 to $180. It’s crazy sale time at Rapha!

                                                                                                                                Gentlemen, why use your own hand?

It’s a little known fact that I went to school with Paul Smith. Most likely you did as well. To think, that one of our Paul Smiths is now a maker of fine leather gloves. If it’s my Paul Smith, he is surely making them out of a sheltered workshop for the self-made brain dead. Nice work though Smithy. Keep them gloves coming, one pair per year. No quicker, or else Rapha might have to flog them on special.

Mockery aside, I do love Rapha gear. As early as the 1930s, cycling was rendered undignified by modes of transport to keep the well dressed white collar worker out of the weather: cars, trams, buses. Cycling persisted in blue collar areas, but even there white collar ways were eventually being aped as affluence flowed after the wars, and any man could afford his own car. By the 1970s, women too had joined the ranks of the drivers. And by the 1980s, only bums cycled. We wear $245 gloves to reverse preconceptions. Make that $180 gloves. I think I might get some.

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