Feasting my festish for cardboard, airflown of course

We love it here when the Chainreaction man pays us a visit. Chairman Meow is first to inspect, but must then stand back while I tear open those boxes like Tas. As frequent buyers of Brooks saddlery know, that company pack their products with pieces of twine and wax sealed envelopes enough to embarrass a craft baker of spelt. But now Brooks have exceeded themselves, bundling copies of the tongue tyingly named Brooks Bugle with every item. I highly recommend buying one of their saddles online, just for the crap it comes packed with. An air-flown, bountifully packaged organic saddle, so tanned as to save the planet from over consumption, would be the responsible choice.


  1. chainreaction joy!

    Oooh, look, forks!!!!

  2. Steven says:

    Oh yes indeed Roberto. Am just waiting for CB King to build me the frame. Lugged steel, clear coat dually, with the part from the mongoose and these forks. Wait’ll get o’ ME up there in glenrock!

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