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I know, dear rusted on reader, you have been neglected. I owe you some one-on-one time, Roberto. Please though, I must assure you, blogging continues, even if the posts have been more sporadic. To your attention I bring my scholarly essay in draft form, below, that has been steadily growing. Furthermore I am dealing with genuine speaking engagements, both nationally and overseas. These take my time, away from your good self, not to mention Primrose, Za Bear and little Quinby. 
Dr. Behooving acknowledges his long standing readers

I am pleased to report hits to the blog continue at a rate of one to two hundred per day. What precisely these people read, I’m really not sure. I suspect my Velorbis reviews are the main culprits. Why does this blog receive so few comments, sometimes I wonder, then remember how well I nail every subject. Not even even Socrates would have something to add!

The quest that triggered this blog, to procure 8 prestige bikes for the price of one Jerry built car, remains alive in my heart still, although I admit progress has not been as fast as my green eyes would have it. CB King plans to build me a lugged steel 29er dually, before Christmas, if his schedule allows. I have no immediate plans to buy a box bike or tandem, and have developed an itch for a Bike-Friday or Brompton—spurred largely by all the travel that will beset me next year.

With thanks to all loyal readers of Behooving Moving. May your discernment be rewarded with wisdom.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great review!

    Thanks for a well written review! I am thinking about bying a Churchill Ballon – and now I will go for it 🙂

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