If "Waltons Mountain" were a bicycle brand…

…they would make millions. Each model would be braised and lugged with a clear coat finish to expose all that good honest American handcrafting, in the manner of bikes by Bowery Lane Bicyclesoh so cool! There would be a model for each member of your family, the all American Waltons family you know you could be, if you just went to church. Only an "alien" could see as clearly as I’m seeing now, how the world’s greatest consumer society will be helped from their cars onto bikes: via nostalgia!

Introducing models Olivia and John                                                                       click for enlarged view of the finish I am imagining      

Followed by the Esther and Zeb

We must have an Elizabeth and Jim-Bob, oh and of course we’ll have an Ike, although made to order.

Which leaves us only with our Mary Ellen and our flagship model the John-Boy, you speed freak you John-Boy.

I will go to bed now content that finally, I have written an entry to encapsulate the full intellectual breadth of this blog project in one single post. Everything I have set out to achieve, it’s all here. My magnum opus! Aaaah, goodnight.


  1. Did as instructed

    Is indeed magnificent – no regrets at all at clicking on that image at all!?!

    • Steven says:

      Re: Did as instructed

      not a fan of the clear coat? It’s so cool, I love it! The mongoose donor bike will soon be given to such a frame CB King has promised to make for me, out of top end tubing, for poncing and taking up the bush to bedazzle your pals there.

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