A special bike polo tribute to mums

Newcastle Gentleman’s Bicycle Polo is celebrating Mothers Day this Sunday, with a special demonstration match, just for the mums.Where: Centennial ParkWhen: 2pm. Dress: Tweed (mum will be there) Oh and mums, tea and scones might give […]

Bicycle Space (photo essay)

Jane Jacobs would have said it’s contrived, has only one use, and is too vast for pedestrians. However, these greenways that are being made out of disused industrial land, along old train lines and docks, are […]

Red carpet rides for we cyclists

I’m inclined to complain when politicians go on providing car parking in cities, to win drivers’ votes. I must remind myself though, that drivers by definition are too lazy and stupid to know what best serves […]

Autumnal thoughts about losing

I got dropped from the peloton Saturday, but worse still, mistimed a sprint Sunday. After the race on Sunday, Cannonball and I were both licking our wounds, telling each other we were the fastest sprinters on […]

mud guards and clean bikes

Did you all know mud guards save you from cleaning your bike after every ride in the rain? I didn’t! I had my first rainy ride home from work on the new bike last Friday night, […]