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As the rulers of cyclespace, we cannot allow our power to be diluted by countenancing many of the things non-cyclists would say. We cannot indulge talk of cycling relieving congestion for drivers. We cannot be appealing to governments for funding, on the basis that we are being good boys and girls by relieving the burden on hospitals. We cannot expect green points to be paid out in some way. This is not the way colonists act.
Today I’ll be taking The Velorbis again, and plan to wear my summer weight tweed sports coat. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In a recent blog post you asked for feedback so I though I’d stop lurking and say “hi”. I love reading your blog, and even though I don’t own a bike I was seriously contemplating borrowing one (along with the required tweed attire) to join in your polo game on Sundays. Unfortunately I procrastinated slightly too long and ruptured my ACL a few weeks ago so I’ll have to wait until about 12 months after my knee surgery to join in.

    You have inspired me to at least think about buying a bike, and as soon as my knee is up to it I’ve decided I’m definitely going to buy one.

    After seeing the cycling culture in Amsterdam, Berlin and Brugges there is just something about it that is appealing to me (beyond the fact that you really have no better option for getting around certain places quickly in those cities). Newcastle is different of course but it would be great to see the people who live in or near the inner city leave their cars garaged and take up cycling.

    I’m very interested to hear how you go with the proposals for the secure bicycle parking stations. Also, as a non-architect, I really enjoy the architectural posts, particularly the recent cyclespace post, and previous posts showing the cycling infrastructure in other cities.

    And I love the Velorbis, what a cool bike!

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