Artful trails found in Glenrock Reserve

On the weekend Quinby and I packed a picnic, a thermos of tea, and a rug, and set out to find evidence of cultivation in Glenrock Reserve. I can confirm there is not a manicured lawn, tholos to Apollo, mirror pool or good British tree anywhere in that godforsaken wilderness area. 

There is however, evidence of Picturesque Planning. Many trails, I noticed to my delight, do not follow contours or ridge lines, but rather have been drawn, by the hand of Man on the ground, in a willful, neigh serpentine manner. They are the work of true land artists, as aware I suspect as Christo of the intelectual traditions standing behind them. I am thinking for example of Heidegger and the concept of Genius Loci, and of course William Gilpin who gave us The Picturesque and a new appreciation for The Sublime. May I commend Newcastle’s mountain biking fraternity, for keeping our artistic heritage alive with their work.
Now, if you would please build some nice Roman style follies, next time Quinby and I will pack our Winsor & Newton watercolour sets, and capture some impressions as we had planned.


  1. Not so sure about Roman style follies but am sure I have come across some of the old constructions associated with the mining history of Glenrock – bunkers, bits of railtrack etc.,

    only building happening in here now is this sort

    Velorbis looks good in non city environs!?!


  2. Anonymous says:

    tsk tsk

    Surely not terrain for the Velorbis ?! Martin

    • Steven says:

      Re: tsk tsk

      Last week it was “hitherto”. This week “terrain”. Cyclists delight me, not only for their debt to art theory, but their truth to the mother tongue also! (Say’s he who spells “behoove” as Americans do).
      Indeed the town bike is sweet on the trail. Geared a little too high, I would say, but otherwise fine—at a gentlemanly speed. Where mountain bikes have me dreaming of taking the nature in order to shoot it, I saw myself as a town doctor on the 1940s perhaps, doing my rounds to the poor squatter folk.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: tsk tsk

        At least the Velorbis provided somewhere to carry your picnic, drinks and extra clothes. The backpacks I see leaping around most mountain-bikers’ backs strike me as very inelegant, to say nothing of uncomfortable.

  3. Anonymous says:




  4. Anonymous says:

    no cat but cartridges always handy

    I may not have been around for long but I’m planning on being around! Linked to your site.
    Love the connection between architecture and cycling. If you could see my office with folding bike, cycling clothes and gym clothes strewn over it all, you’d understand why I feel committed to office design that is sympathetic to cycles.
    Look forward to more!

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Rev. Gilpin would have minded if you made follies in your paintings that weren’t there in reality. It was almost heretical for him to suggest that nature wasn’t always picturesque and that an artist could do well to make it so with additions and changes, but suggest it he did.

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