The Meaning of the word "Gentleman"

A "gentleman" is welcoming of ladies who would like to play bicycle polo
Gentlemen are mindful of safety when swinging their whackers
Gentlemen take the whole world as their cycle lane, though in a way that never causes offense
Gentlemen choose commanding attire when it is their week to umpire
Gentlemen arrive at 2 for a 2 o’clock start
It is the gentlemanly manner with which it is played here, that makes bicycle polo unique in this city, not at all the cult-like affair it has become in such frightfully crude cities as Sydney.
Ladies and gentlemen, I shall look forward to seeing you all Sunday at 2, at Centennial Park. Drinks after and as always, whackers provided.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love how it leaves space for one to leave a comment! How could one possibly comment on that! It is so comprehensive as to bewilder any reader and send them reeling with the realization that hitherto they knew not what the word Gentleman meant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps we need to make longer whackers?


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