Get the Look: Really Suave Guys

This week’s look, I’m afraid, costs a little more to achieve than the last one I covered for Get The Look. But what price to look truly suave! Right? So here’s how: 
Bespoke woolen 3-piece suit (jacket not shown) $1300; Salamander shoes and belt from Austria 150Euro; Geoffrey Beene slim fit cotton shirt $120; second hand opal cufflinks $12; Hugo Boss socks $36; Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses $240; Churchill Classic 7-speed bike from Velorbis, with Brooks leather saddle, grips and mud flap to match shoes and belt $1950.
Ah, but I got more looks, smiles and comments in one ride for a coffee, than some fatso BMW driver would get in a lifetime! And this morning’s commute was ever so s-m-o-o-o-o-t-h!

Ladies, click for hi res handsomeness


  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that really you behooving????

    Are you sure it’s not George Clooney or someone else suave?

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