Bravado verses the Peloton

I took some pleasure recently, listening to a non racing cyclist telling a group, over a beer, that he routinely overtakes crews in their lycra out training, and so is confident he could show them all a jolly good thing or two if he ever came over to race, even though he does not own a competitive bike or any such fancy hogwash. This, my foolish young friend, is why you should study history. One needn’t even go to le tour footage. We have known for centuries that raw energy is no match for disciplined team work.

The image links to the first of two clips. You will need to watch this one as well.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Now Behooving, you misquote me.
    All I said is that if I see a cyclist on some newfangled contraption and wearing team lycra I make a point of helping there mental training by sprinting past them and then when out of site turning and continuing on a parallel street so as they have an allusive training target.

    It is really neither here or there that they most possibly are just returning for a 60km ride while I’m just nipping down the shops. Neither is it here or there that their bike has 19 more gears than mine and isn’t carrying 14kg of wine. (

    Now due to my capped internet connection I can’t view your propergander.

    (Here is mine

    Really this common good mentality of the peloton sounds vaguely like communism.

    But I take the view that if you can beat them then you probably should join them and show them a thing or two.
    Therefore I’m in the process of acquiring a shining stallion of lugged goodness and will learn from those esteemed road cyclists and therefore test cargo cycle training as a legitimate way to the yellow jersey. or whatever.
    GUSto (fuelled by $1.89 red wine)

    • Steven says:

      Oh Gusto, stop, please, I most sincerely request, for there has been a terrible misunderstanding! The non-racing cyclist to whom I refer is a cocky young lad, who could never ride past and away from a pinko peloton the way I know you could, on a rickety chinese cargo bike if that was your want. The video concerns Boudicca’s failed Revolt of 61AD, not David’s victory over Goliath.

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