int love grand!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Where are your helmets?!?

    Love can only protect you so much …


    • Anonymous says:

      we were in Sydney, and as you know its much safer down there.

      • Great photos Behooving. Are they Velorbis? I was looking at their website only a couple of days ago and was drooling over the Scrap Deluxe with the balloon tyres. The white tyres and silver frame combo really looks the goods however the black frame and brown baggies looks more than saucy. What model are you riding, a Churchill Balloon, and are you the proud owner of it?

        • Steven says:

          Hey! It’s a Churchill Balloon. A bit big for me, but would be the right size for you, plus Jimmy “Mr. Velorbis” Stephenson wants to clear it out to make way for new stock. He said $1600, but might even go lower. Hell, I’m paying 2K for the Churchill Classic I have on order. Go on, give Jimmy a quick tingle, and say Behooving sent you! 02 9519 4666 (Alright, I’ve gone all commercial) But seriously, if it wasn’t too big, I’d be all over it. They are just so beautiful, and uncompromising. I can see you surveying MTB courses on it pre race, rubbing your chin, scaring the bejeesus out of all your competitors.

          • Classic. That would be a sight. Bouncing around Mt Stromlo on a Velorbis, dressed in tweed, wearing a cravat and smoking [but not inhaling of course] Erinmore tobacco through a pipe.

            Does the $1600 include your commission Behooving? That is a fantastic price as the website is quoting $1795 USD.

            I bet your wife was stoked to get the opportunity to model the bikes with Stuart O’Grady.

          • Steven says:

            Yes please, do tell Jimmy to send me a kickback! (That IS how kickbacks work I presume). I was trying to keep behooving’s celebrity identity concealed, and be loved for my mind not just my legs, but whatever, the truth is now out there…

        • Steven says:

          oh and at the very least ask Jimmy to mail you a catalogue. I’ve thumbed mine to death, especially the lady’s bike pages. You’ll see what I mean.

          • I will be interested to see what type of helmet you select to wear when you take possession of the Churchill Classic. These bicycles just scream to be ridden sans helmet. The only thing I can think of is one of those old style leather flying helmets but they might not pass muster if Constable Care stops you for a chat.

          • Steven says:

            look, I’d appreciate any kind of help I can get on this front.
            I went out of my way to try on some of these…
            …down on sydney, but nope, I’m not overly impressed. With the lack of vents and old fashioned foam lining, they should be called roasted nut case.

          • This is much more fun than working. It is going to be difficult to find something cool, trendy and retro that is also well ventilated, so I reckon you are going to have to either choose one or the other. I just did some quick googling and found the following website, they have some pretty funky stuff in the Yakkay and Casco models. There must be a heap of other companies doing similar stuff.

          • Steven says:

            on it, emailing yakkay right now. Who says you’re not working!

          • They have quirky university professor written all over them. They even have a style called “Cambridge” for god’s sake.

          • Steven says:

            indeed, and in tweed! I’m wondering if AAA certification fees have held up their importation to Nanny State central? Product liability insurance requirements have held up the importation of small bike brands to Australia also. On principle, I would like to bury 100K into an importation business. My hunch is the risk would pay off.

          • Anonymous says:

            helmet nazis

            You’re going to have to leave this convict colony so you can ride where helmets wearing is at your discretion. Roberto: if you use a bike for transport (<35km/hr) and can avoid the 90% of our public space that multi-ton motorised missiles dominate then helmets are useless, inconvenient, ugly, costly, and discourage bike use. And what sacrilege hiding behooving's coiffure.

          • Steven says:

            Re: helmet nazis

            Thank you, it is as Jane Austin might say, a “shock” of red hair. Thank you so much!

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