Architectural Cycling Design Services

Introducing a new money making concept for me, and a way to spend money for you!

Next time you’re ready to lay down 10K on a bike, why not have it architecturally designed for you, by an actual Doctor of Architecture—serious, that’s what I am. I won’t just fit a bike to your inseam. I’ll fit a bike to your soul, your personality, your philosophy on life, just as I would do if I were designing your dream home (and you had the money, of course). Working with Australian and international frame builders, and with access to components from anywhere in the world via ebay, I’ll work with you from inception to ride-away, to create the most behoving piece of moving equipment you dare to imagine.

So imagine, I dare ya. 


To review my nicely set out and professional looking fee scale, or for a free first consultation in big puffy chair, just email (Due to demand please allow a few months for me to reply).

I believe these guys offer a similar, though admittedly much crappier service. Oh, and Giorgio Vasari set all the Medici kids up on their bikes in this way, I seem to recall. 

What you most need to remember, is the architect’s pledge to his (yeah and her) client:

The more of your money I spend, the more I will charge for the service. 

Though to be honest, looking at where the customization road has led some in the past, I do have some misgivings…

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