Bike Share Studies

Boston Bike ShareWith my associate Monica Zarafu, I work with cities toward the implementation of successful bike sharing systems, starting with low cost feasibility studies. We know where bike share has worked, where it can’t, and where it can be beneficial even on a limited scale.

Our reports are succinct and focused. We analyse relevant data about your city’s layout and demographics and identify relevant case studies for comparison. The centrepiece of every report is a detailed, on-the-ground survey (a green map) of public space from the point of view of a risk averse cyclist.

You can learn more about this service at the Bike Share Studies website. To help you make your own preliminary assessment about the potential for bike share in your city we have prepared the following eBook for you:


Monica-ZarafuFocusing on finding a sustainable equilibrium between individual and collective interests,Monica Zarafu has managed various projects in the field of personal and shared mobility, working with governments and transport agencies. Monica has given presentations at prestigious forums and international conferences such as the International Urban Planning and Environment Symposium, the Planning Saloon in Sydney, the Healthy Cities Conference in Geelong, Victoria or the PodCar City Conference in Silicon Valley, USA. She is the recipient of a number of scholarships and awards, including a scholarship from CSIRO, the federal government agency for scientific research in Australia and the First Annual Martin Lowson Paper Award conferred by the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA).

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