Freewheeling Australia, NMA

From 2014 to 2017 Cycle Space worked with the National Museum of Australia during the preparation and exhibition of Freewheeling Australia, an exhibition representing the history, present and future of bicycling in Australia. Design work produced in collaboration with students Rob Maver and Abdul Soudan were contributed, a one-day community engagement workshop and a seminar presentation were provided, and we also helped with the development of the “wheelie fun” holiday program for school age visitors to the museum.

From Dr Daniel Oakman, Senior Curator, People and the Environment, National Museum of Australia.

Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo have been poking the hornet’s nest that is urban planning for over a decade, with a mission to put cycling on the agendas of architects, planners, politicians, designers and academics. In recent years, it has been a thrill to work with them on a range of innovative projects, from provocative seminars and the innovative ‘Velotopia’ workshops, as well as producing content for the National Museum of Australia’s ‘Freewheeling’ exhibition about cycling in Australia.
Clinical surveys of architectural theory are not for Steven and Angelina. While better spaces for bicycles might be their primary goal, their work has an altogether higher purpose. By interrogating the physical and cultural fabric of our cities, they help us reimagine the kind of society we might become.

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