Architectural Institute of British Columbia

On October 30, 2015, Steven was engaged by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia as a keynote speaker for their annual conference in Vancouver and to chair a panel discussion.

Feedback from keynote: 

“Fantastic. Very funny. Very knowledgeable.”
“Very provocative. I want to buy a bike now.”
“This kind of visionary leadership is what these conferences should be about”
“Excellent to take a step back and look at the big picture. Entertaining an Inspiring.”
“Inspirational talk.”
“Great to think about things that usually get written off as impossible.”
“Very important topic for discussion. Very knowledgeable presenter. Very good.”
“Very interesting concept and presentation — thank you! Good to have time to discuss this controversial idea.”
“Particularly liked that the presenter offered a provocative architectural vision of a possible future.”
“Provocative. Great speaker.”
“Inspirational talk.”
“Excellent ideas.”
“Really enjoyed this presentation”
“Enjoyable presentation of a current issue. Definitely generated thought and discussion.”


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