Yakkay to expand their range of bike helmet covers?

A few weeks ago we learned of these wonderful helmets by Yakkay, not sold in Australia, perhaps because they don’t meet this country’s lesbian safety standards (no offense meant to real lesbians). The concept is simple: buy the black helmet and put on a cover that will instantly transport you in your mind to any place you would rather be at this moment

This, takes you to      Luzern…         Cambridge…              Paris….                       Tokyo.

What a marvelous idea! And so worthy of extending to other places we all dream of being:

Salzburg                              Jamaica                     Tennessee                    Space

I’m particularly keen to see Tennessee added to their range, for mountain bike riding, a discipline which at present lacks a clear image. In time I think we’ll see mountain bikes all being matte olive green, and there being more saddlery style leather, and ways to cart ammo.
And as always, we’re keen to hear your suggestions, that we will forward in a group letter to our good friends at Yakkay. But one serious note to conclude: fabric covers on helmets, have been found to grip the road upon impact, and break people’s necks. Yakkay helmets really are very funny!

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