A workshop to imagine Oslo with more weather protection

Workshop leader, Dr. Steven Fleming of Hoi! Arkitektur, is from a country (Australia) where roofs cover footpaths from the rain (if the need is only for shade, they plant trees). In moving to Oslo he is surprised by the lack of street shelter and believes this is encouraging people to drive. He has an argument, drawn from his knowledge of architectural history, that more people would walk (and even cycle) if there was more weather protection. He’s not asking people to protect themselves with umbrellas or rain pants. He’s asking the city to protect them with covered bike routes, shelters and continuous porticos.

Would you like to be part of a workshop to refine ideas of this kind? Details of the workshop and link for registration can be found below. Specific issues to ponder will include snow, loitering, structural support, funding, planning ordinances, fire egress and access, phased roll-outs, public opinion, aesthetics and heritage impacts.

Venue: Sentralen
Date: 12 April
Time 12:00 – 16:00
Organised by Padriv

Registration form:
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