What I think about pink

Try as you might to blend in, you will always look out place on a road bike. On the road, you’re the only one without a car. On the bike path, you’re resented for being a spoiler, and for not even having a bell. At the Melbourne Bikefest, you’re a non halal Maccas in Kuala Lumpur. But then you always were an outsider, hitting on your mates’ girlfriends at school, which is why you’re now a roadie. Have you ever thought though, why you wear pink?


The best known reason, is to be able to feel god almighty  superior, because you know the heritage of the maglia rosa, while those plebs yelling abuse from their car would not know the italian meaning of “latte”. Pink is also fairly well known as the best hi-vis colour aside from tones that should only be worn by turkeys on birdys.

But have you realised that drivers will pass you more carefully, if you’re wearing pink? The mere chance that you might be an unusually broad shouldered girl, will temper their base inclinations, then by the time they realise you is a dude, it is too late: they have already missed you.

It is with all these facts clouding my mind that I have been choosing pink when buying new bike stuff of late, to the point where I’m even feeling drawn toward pink bar tape and socks. Fearing this could all go too far, I’m seeking the support of the cycling fraternity, for rules governing the wearing of pink, and propose: one piece on practical grounds; one piece hidden from view; and one piece as a symbol. Three pieces max. That would allow for my new day-glow bag cover (practical), merino pink boxers (hidden), and my new splashed-with-musk helmet (symbolic). I guess the obvious rule, is pink should only be worn when using a road bike with drop bars, and nothing in the way of luggage carrying capacity attached to the frame.




  1. Luke says:

    I have a pink road bike (Condor Acciaio – couple of years back model) that is as visible as a fluro bike, but looks better. Pink jersey? Not sure how that would go with blue and white arms.

    For some retro fashion ideas, and a bike race near Newcastle (on Tyne – you can tell by accent) check out this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9_Fs1QtsOY

    Must now do some work.

    • Steven says:

      I picked up a genuine cross jersey, exactly like those, a few years ago on chain reaction. Unused and still in the pack. Prickly as hell!

  2. Rob(ert) says:

    Hey, if Birdy riders are turkeys what are Brompton riders?!?

    And is that your butt?

    • Steven says:

      No my butt is more bulbous. And I do apologise, I forgot you own a birdy. It is to your credit that you never ride it 🙂

  3. Jess says:

    I wonder if there is a tangible link between pink being the most visible colour and it being natures common colour for signaling “in season” for mating? My guess is yes. It is impossible to ignore.
    Symbolically as a secondary colour I like (for cycling especially) that it’s a mixture of white (peace, harmony) and red (power, agression). … Way to get the colour-nerd on:)

    • Steven says:

      Oh yeah GET that colour nerd on! You have taught me why my Primrose is pinkish for a few days per month. I never knew that!

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