Where will you be during Bike Hour?

It’s like Earth Hour, only more useful. It’s like a critical mass ride, only effective. The world’s biggest, completely unorganised, mass cycling rally will happen wherever you are, on March 20, between 6 and 7 pm. Why? Because you will be riding your bike.

Ride how you like, where you like, with whom you like, or ride alone. Just get on your bike and pedal the sucker. By doing so, you will be showing the world our staggering numbers, and unspoken yearning for safer, more edifying, cycling conditions.

Media inquiries can be directed to me, Steven Fleming, +61 (0)422486271 (just not when Eastern Australians are sleeping), although really, there is no story here for traditional media to get a shot of. “The revolution will not be televised”. There is a rhizome order to this, as there is to cycling. “Bike Hour” is not a registered trademark, and any attempt to make it one, will be cursed. And yes, you can reproduce any image. Here are hi-res versions of the posters. Here is a Facebook event page: tell all your friends! Follow @BehoovingMoving for occasional updates on twitter.

Do you have something to donate as a purse? In March 2012 Artist Mike Rubbo awarded one of his bicycle-theme artworks (value AUD$500) to the best amateur clip showing how they spent Bike Hour. Here it is:


About Steven

I'm on a mission to put cycling on the agendas of architects, urban designers and fellow academics, who see the potential for bicycles to change cities and buildings. My PhD is in architectural history and my interdisciplinary research spans art theory, philosophy and cultural studies. I teach architectural history and theory and design studio at The University of Tasmania, Australia, and formerly worked as an architect designing large public housing projects in Singapore. My favourite bikes are a titanium racing bike I use for racing, a Velorbis retro commuter for riding to cafes and work, a single speed ultra light Brompton that I take with me when I travel on planes, a 29er hard tail mountain bike that I get lost on in remote places, an old track bike that scares me, a 1984 Colnago Super with all original campagnolo components that is plugged into a virtual realm that I train in, and a Dutch-made Bakfiets, that could easily replace half of the bikes I just mentioned.
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40 Responses to Where will you be during Bike Hour?

  1. Vicki says:

    Great initiative Steven, and thank you for the ride and your visionary ideas yesterday, it was very informative and a great opportunity to meet with the others in Newcastle who are interested in improving conditions for cyclists here.

  2. Erik Griswold says:

    Could you create a DD/MM/YYYY version for those format-challenged North Americans? It would be ever so nice if they joined in, and only in December will they realize that there is no 20th month to 2012.

  3. Graham Clark says:

    Hi Guys, I found your blog this morning whilst rummaging around on the internet after my bike ride to work. By the way, “Rummaging Around” is the title of my blog but I haven’t updated it for several months as I’ve been very busy with my work. Anyhow, keep up the great work. As an avid cyclist, I really admire what you’re doing. Thanks again.

  4. Luke says:

    Steven, do you know if anything is happening in UK about your excellent idea? I have put queries asking the same thing on a couple of blogs, including your fave, War on the Motorist (if they let it in). A bit odd I know to be asking you what is happening in my own country.


    • Steven says:

      Hi Luke, no word from the UK as yet — although (from memory) I believe it was Joe Dunckley who had the idea of the equinox date.

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  7. mike hunt says:

    you don’t think critical mass is effective?

    • Steven says:

      Critical Mass is one of many products of John Forrester’s doctrine of Vehicular Cycling. Wherever that idea informs cyclists’, law makers’, or planners’ thinking, bike rates are trapped around 2% (unless there are lots of off-road trails like in Portland or Minneapolis, or lots of students, in which case you might get 5%). The most that critical mass has helped achieve anywhere, is a 2% bike modal share in San Francisco. Meanwhile Dutch and Danish cities have 30-40%. The obvious difference, is protected bike paths. These are a product of seeing cyclists as fast pedestrians, rather than slow and weak vehicles. Any residual influence of vehicular cycling, like Critical Mass, has us trapped in the 70s. If you work through the history, unravel your assumptions, and maybe ride more in Northern Europe, you will see you are accepting the world as it has been presented to you, by Henry Ford actually.

  8. elovelo says:

    We are going to join! Cracow, Poland. May we edit your poster to translate it to polish?

  9. nordsprotte says:

    ich werde am 20.03.2012 um 18 uhr das Schild auf mein Fahrrad montieren und durch mein Dorf fahren bis in die Stadt Elmshorn:). mal schauen, ob ich noch andere treffe..
    I will put the paper “get on your bike” in frontof my bicycle und ride vom the small village , were I live to the next town, Elmshorn. Hope to see one or two friend, which do the same?
    :) Nick

    • Lukas says:

      Wo zum Deibel ist den Elmshorn? Ich könnte natürlich Herrn Google fragen, aber das wäre zu einfach. Mach doch ein photo mit Dir, dem Plakat und der Ortstafel und lade das ganze auf die facebook page! Ich bin gespannt wie Du das Poster an’s Fahrrad klebst…

    • nordsprotte says:

      he…wieso hab ich kleben geschrieben??? menno…montieren..Schild in Plastihülle…2 Löcher…Draht durch..an Korb befestigen..leider habe ich kein Foto gemacht..grins..und facebook…KRIEGT MICH nicht :)
      Lach..Elmshorn ist oberhalb von Hamburg..Kennst du das auch nicht??

  10. nordsprotte says:

    shit…my typing is much more bad than my speaking:(…sorry

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  12. Mark Wheatley says:

    Bellingham Washington, USA is in. It’s my wedding anniversary March 20. Oh yeah, we agreed–NO EXCUSES!

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  14. David H. says:

    Interesting idea. It’s a holiday in Tokyo, so I guess the 1800 is local time anywhere. Unfortunately, one of the most dangerous aspects of Tokyo cycling is the cyclists! Especially those on utility bikes, but increasing those who have brought their utility bike skills to road bikes. I may just sit this one out if there are a lots of cyclists participating in Tokyo.

    • Steven says:

      Hi David, I admire your faith in our promotional skills. Thus far you are the only person, who I know of, who has heard of Bike Hour in Tokyo. If you film your ride and post it to https://www.facebook.com/BikeHour, you could win some bike art, and will have a chance to share your reflections on Japanese bicycling culture.

  15. Jim B says:

    I am in!
    “One hour spent on a bike is an hour spent in perfect balance”
    -Jacquie Phelan

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  20. Tim says:

    Great Idea.. hassle free ..just ride…the way it should be !!


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  23. Suzanne says:

    Fort Collins, CO is in! We’ll be riding our bikes to a Cash Mob to support a local green business…. what better time??

  24. Ossian MacUrcrin says:

    Just seen this on FB and there is an hour and a half to go until 6.00pm local time, so that gives me a little time to find out a bit more what everyone else is doing around the world at 6!
    Hail fellows! Well met!
    Best regards from Plockton, West Highlands, Scotland

    Ossian MacUrcrin

  25. Steven says:

    We are riding for Bike Hour in Bayonne, New Jersey, USA. We’re gonna “get on that sucker and pedal” along Broadway @ 6:00. This is a phenominal idea! Heres hoping that it spreads and spreads worldwide. Peace!

  26. Lucy says:

    Hey, no mention so far of the up coming bike hour on 21 September. Are we going to do it again?

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