What would Bob Dylan ride?

It was my friend the Super-Scoop who endured my quip about spending at least $2000 for a bike he was considering buying "just to keep fit". To assuage the shame I was feeling for being so haughty, again, I decided to bare down on this problem, of matching a bike to the Super-Scoop. I got to thinking, "what would Bob Dylan ride?" since the Scoop loves Bob Dylan. I’m not sure why I instantly saw Bob riding a Kronan, but am I right or what? "Oh poor me, I’m Bob Dylan, I’m just a folk singin’ poor corn farmer pedaling a heavy old bike with a bale of hey on my shoulders ’cause I gave all me millions to farm aid". So there it was, the perfect contrivance for Scoop as well! Below is a painting of a bike that Bob painted, a motor bike Bob once rode past a camera, and the bike I can imagine Bob riding. Scoop would sure get fit riding a Kronan as well, given how much they weigh! and I can see him smiling and say hi to everyone out on the cycleway, all smitten by him as they should be. 


Of course by this reckoning, I should ride whatever David Byrne would ride in New York…
                                                …but aaah, me don’t fink so somehow. 

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