What does Jan Gehl ride?

Why, just like Dr. Behooving, Jan Gehl rides a Velorbis—though his staff do say he has BehoovingMoving set as the default page on all of their internet browsers.

Anyone from Velorbis, if you see this, please, get on over to Gehl’s office ASAP and set the man up with your new issue stainless steel handlebars and seat pole. The dude’s riding around on one of your prototype models. (Unless we’re saying rust is aristocratic, in which case, pardon me.)

Gehl is pictured above outside his office, with New York DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, who, judging by the way she’s all snuggled up, is quite obviously smitten. Further proof that gentlemen, who are architects, who ride Velorbi, are god’s gift to women, but you knew that already, if you have read my book Get The Look.

So we know Foster and Banham ride/rode Moultons, that Ingels rides a Biomega, and now, that Jan Gehl rides a Velorbis. This is all vital information I am gathering for you here folks. A little appreciation would not go astray 🙂 I would certainly appreciate any thoughts regarding the make of bike Jane Jacobs is seen riding, in that old picture there on the right.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Jane Jacobs would ride a Colnago I reckon

    • Steven says:

      oh man, you have really hit it right on the head. If you don’t mind I will site your comment as proof. Facts just keep mounting 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

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