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We’ve lost two matches to rain in the past month, and lose our momentum each time that happens. So, next time it rains, give me a call on my mobile (ask via behoovingmoving@gmail.com if you don’t have my number) and I’ll confirm if we’re playing on turf at Centennial Park, OR, on the Plaza outside Customs House. This is a great, high profile venue, that is too crowded to play on when it’s not raining. When it is raining though…! Regardless of venue, we start at 2pm sharp every Sunday. Whackers provided. You just need a bike.

(Thanks Roberto for the link to these photos, of some rather scary looking New Australian bike polo players representing Spain, I believe)

As part of my forthcoming grand tour of Greece and Italy, I am hoping to arrange a series of “friendlies”, both hardcourt and turf, between members of the Newcastle Gentlemen’s Bicycle Polo club, and these sorts of dudes on the continent. As we know, they have gotten themselves into a bit of a hole over there. Looking at these guys, it’s not hard to see why!

The opportunity is for those of us of good British blood to exercise our civilising influence over our ESL friends, through the agency of bicycle polo. Our brethren of the Motherland have tried in their own way, but in this age of Anglo self deprecation, and preemptive capitulation, they are labeled imperialistic merely for trying to help. The job falls to we of the antipodean regions, I’m sorry.

Assuming I can pay for our team’s flights, meals and lodgings, from research funds, who of you would like to join me in Italy 4 weeks from now? Ladies are welcome, and of course I was terribly drunk when I wrote this.

It has come as such a surprise, that so many play, that it’s such a broad church, and is so fluid and graceful a game. After about 8 or 9 games now, I’m just starting to get enough control of the ball to dribble, evade challengers and make purposeful passes. I’m also keen to keep playing on turf there at Centennial Park. We can play with more energy and abandon than they seem to on concrete. That said, I will be talking to my kids’ headmaster when he gets back from OS about the possibility of using the school’s roofed hardcourt as an alternative wet weather venue. As mentioned above, we should also give Customs House plaza a try, next time it rains.

The history of NGBP, for those who have recently joined us, is that a reader by the aka WeCanBeGiants (who is currently indisposed due to some family circumstances), conducted some research regarding more dignified helmets, and located these that naturally got us all thinking we would like to play polo. Pouncing on the polo pitch is about the only good thing Yakkay helmets are good for. For transport cycling, they only increase the likelihood of rotational injuries in the event of a fall.


  1. Anonymous says:


    Well, you will not catch me playing polo in precipitous weather. Not only does one risk catching cold, it makes one’s tweeds smell like a damp foxing hound.

    • Steven says:

      Re: rain

      all my tweeds smell like damp foxing hounds, and have so for generations. Thank you though for that most perspicacious remark.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow! Iggy Pop plays bike polo!

    and that wouldn’t be Ghengis Khan by any chance?

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