Vision Statement

Again I must say "Don’t cry for me Marge and Tina, or Roberto, my other reader, I never left you, even through my commercial days, fast coming upon us…" Pardon me. I’m skirting the issue. What I must say, is that a commercial dimension to this originally purely altruistic and critical enterprise, will soon come into being. The website,, is in development, with PayPal facilities for me to flog stuff. All this calls for a vision statement, a first draft of which I will now have a crack at writing, for all to see.

Behooving Moving exists to help cyclists combat public perceptions that we are not all natural lords over creation. We are, and proclaim so through the finest attire, art, literature, architecture, and cycling equipment. Behooving Moving shall profit financially through the imposition of standard margins on merchandise manufactured and sold, and the charging of commensurate hourly rates for services rendered. We service the ruling class only—cyclists—who cannot be deceived, and therefore we maintain an open book policy, documenting product development, foibles and triumphs on our livejournal site. Any disingenuousness by us shall be open to scrutiny by our clients and critics via this forum, lest becoming phonies takes a greater toll on our souls. Behooving Moving will establish a reputation for elevating market niches where formerly there were only products that did not behoove one. Professional expertise in architectural consultancy, scholarly research and the communication of wisdom, may, subject to lordish whim, be available for hire to fellow lords in need of our skills. With the queen as our witness, and our hand on god’s book, we expect at this stage to make no dough at all.
                                                                                                                              —Dr. Behooving, 10.2.2011

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