Too busy to blog much this week

Sorry all, little time to blog post for the next couple of days. I have my Primrose recovering from an operation, plus I have to quickly turn recent thoughts into a paper I'm billed to present in just a few weeks. If you're on the Gold Coast, sneak in and see me. Or, better still, meet up and we'll go for a ride. If I did have time to blog post, I would write at length about how rewarding it is to develop a nice pedaling action, something that comes as your muscles conform to one task. I want to share my love of the actual pedaling part! Also, I keep thinking there must be some neat rhetorical way of dismissing this us v. them baloney between fast and slow cyclists. It's fun to cruise around on a slow bike picking up bread sticks and meeting friends for coffee. But it's also fun going fast. Can't we all indulge any kind of cycling we like? This is why I want a velomobile, and a rainbow wig to fit over my helmet: to take some heat off of speeding road cyclists, and let the pious plain clothes brigade hate me the most. Signing out. Shall rant some more soon.

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