To do

Encourage a generation of architects, urban designers and planners to regularly cycle in the cities they shape.

Live to see cyclists recognised as a protected group in anti-hate speech legislation.

See to it that land along bike paths—so long as it doesn’t have access to roads—is rezoned to permit no-impact green building.

Find an awesome Italian steel racing bike that someone is throwing away

Live to see laws ensuring developer infrastructure contributions from bicycle oriented developments are reinvested in bicycling infrastructure.

Aestheticise the world as uniquely viewed from a bike (as distinct from the POV of a walker or driver).

Design a bicycling city in China

Be on a bike every Bike Hour (6-7pm every equinox, wherever I happen to be in the world).

Reach the target figure in my crowd-funding venture to promote my new book.

Ensure all the world’s bicycling advocates, one day, are reimbursed for the time they have have been giving for free.

Convene a world bike bloggers’ conference in Tasmania, where we can all ride between venues on smooth country roads with no cars

If I think of anything else, I’ll come back and add it. Meanwhile, there is a “leave a reply” button below. So tell us: what’s on your list of things to accomplish?


  1. Carrie says:

    To bring ciclovia to Australia

  2. Luke says:

    Get a paid link from Rapha?

    • Steven says:

      oh no I’m afraid — though I don’t recall asking them either. I quite like how we treat each other as bitches for now

  3. David Potts says:

    Love to see you all in Tasmania.
    But be warned,low population density does not equate to smooth roads.
    The dismantling of our forestry industry is removing most juggernauts from our highways and byways though :).

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