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There was a time when I too, thought about squandering my vast inherited wealth on a New York address, so I could call myself a "New York based" architectural firm. I would have employed my classmates at Columbia, New School, Cooper Union or Pratt, to produce images of things that looked like real commissions, in the hope someone somewhere someday might come along with some money to hire me. As a business strategy, investing daddy’s to become an artist darlinsk, has been shown again and again to be doomed. But never mind. Let us lend a brief nod to this image of a bike parking thingy, doing the rounds this week on the blogs. It is the bike hanger, by these crazy cats.

Why not call them and ask for a price! Say you don’t want it for bike parking though, but as a carnival ride for an all-bike themed amusement park you are building. I’m so sorry for seeming so catty. It is just, I have had a little to do with these so-called New York based architectural firms in the past. If someone can tell me these guys have real jobs to pay their rent, and are Manifesto Architecture after hours, I’ll issue a public apology.

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