This Summer I will be holidaying from readers’ comments

Who writes lengthy comments below blog posts, calls radio stations, and writes letters to editors? Not me. I dump my personal opinions in a corner of the WWW, for the whole world to ignore, as 8-billion (less a few hundred), do every day. Occasionally I will leave a comment on Copenhagenize. However, that is merely my way of tipping my cap to the author’s breadth of imagination. Skimming other comments on Copenhagenize, I see the mutterings of nit-picking trolls. If they wrote a blog, no one would read it. If you gave them soap for Christmas, they would think it was food.

So I have taken the step of closing the comments facility here on my blog. For years I’ve looked for a comment from Emmy (she’s a regular reader), and still I’ve found none. And lately, since I have been giving this blog less attention, I have found more and more dross. Notably, it’s the same hecklers coming to my blog, who are sharing their wisdom on Copenhagenize. Well thank you Mikael. Some of your stray cats now think I have food.

Comments are closed.