The Rietveld Chair of Bicycles

Certain trials are best kept to oneself, until they have passed, like my 2 year search for a bicycle, designed by an architect, not to be the best bike performance-wise, but to stand for all that architect strives to achieve with his/her buildings. The nearest I had gotten, was the Morabike. But that was not near enough. I was looking for a bike that stood in relation to an architect’s buildings, as Rietveld’s famous chair did to the Schröder House.

More pics on Treehugger

Traditionally, the chair was the primary vehicle for such emblematic inquiries—I mean, hell, every architect had one. However, as Professor Russo from Culture Cycle (who found the Ron Arad bike for me) kindly informs me, architects have been doing their searching through mediums as diverse as the lemon squeezer, and the design of new shapes for pasta. That’s why she’s a professor. All knew was that an architect invented Gelato—which is why I take my students, each year, to Florence.

But back to Ron Arad. I know diddly about him, I’m ashamed to admit. Except perhaps, that his bike looks like great fun to ride, though perhaps not any place where traction might matter.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    designer bike for the modern high-density city.

    a very good friend of mine designs apartment buildings for a midsize firm in melbourne. when my old merc (’64) finally kicked the bucket we pulled out the front seats (red leather) and his graphic designer dad made them into chairs. anyway, my friend also happens to ride a bike. but i worry that should i encourage him to design a bike, it might turn out something like this?

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