The long-board in my quiver of bikes

2 hours into dad's training ride, and they have become sediment

This bakfiets is a revelation to ride, like switching from short boards to long boards. You find yourself using momentum, planning long arcs, and leaving it to others to get out of your way; riding it is similar to long board surfing in so many ways. The kids and I are drowning beneath compliments and cheers in this city where no one has seen a Dutch box bike, other than ours. We’re turning more heads than Paris Hilton.

It was ridiculously easy to assemble out of the box. It arrived at my house in just two days from Melbourne, for a criminally competitive $68 freight cost. It rides like a dream. When you stop pedalling, it doesn’t slow down! Oh give me inertia! I now want solid stone wheels on my race bike.

Almost everything is stainless or galvanized. The Dutch makers are taking no chances when it comes to being beaten on quality, by their Chinese rivals. The only thing I don’t like, is the fiddly clip-apart chain guard. But enough of my yappin’. I really just want to upload some photos.

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  1. BSharp says:

    Yippee.. a little piece of Amsterdam on the NSW Coast! When family of 2 came to visit us over there, the ride around Vondel park in Dad’s hired bakfiets was a revelation .. much better view than the back kiddie seat that they were used to in Melbourne! Enjoy the self-righteous glow of shopping with it, and post when you have a small dishwasher or an entire bbq supply, including several cartons of beer and ice in .. in true dutch style.

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