The *#@!ing Indignity!

Folks, this is what I must subject my family to, when taking them out for dinner Saturday evening: "refuge" islands. Much is said in this city about a train line that separates the old part of town from the new entertainment district on former docklands. Nothing is said about the three roads that cut the city off from the harbour. The people complaining about the train, we can only conclude, have their sweaty corpulent white arses permanently glued to their car seats, and will not be happy until they can actually drive down the harbour side promenade, eating from drive-throughs.   

After over a decade now, of calls from fatsos to get rid of the train line, I believe I am the first to mention that there is a 1.5km stretch of waterfront racetrack, without a pedestrian crossing.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to my world

    I totally feel your pain. Where I live, bus passengers are dumped on the side of what is effectively a four lane urban highway. In an over three kilometer stretch of road there are a total of three signalised crossingf for pedestrians. Those who are dumped on the wrong side of the road from where they live somehow have to dodge the traffic to make it to the median strip (where drivers look at them as if they have mental problems) and then dodge traffic to get to the other side.

    Not long ago a 13 year old boy here was killed trying to cross the road after he got off the bus. What makes me physically sick is that it is tolerated. The thought that drivers would have to slow down to 25kmh while they pass a bus is almost unthinkable.

    One day we will look back at all this and wonder how we tolerated it for so long.

    Rant over.


    • Steven says:

      Re: Welcome to my world

      Thanks for cheering me up today Edward. I’ve just had a “conversation” with someone about parking across a pram ramp, meaning people in wheelchairs can’t cross the road, at all. I highlighted this to parking inspector, who said it wasn’t even illegal. It might be time I learned to speak Dutch and blew off this whole awful mess.

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