Template letter to promote Bike Hour

Let me tell you how you can promote Bike Hour, and enjoy 15 minutes of fame between now and Sept 22. You simply send a letter like this to newspapers and blogs that you read, and radio stations you like to listen to.

Dear Whoever Youare

I am the local promoter here in Somewhereville for an hour of observance held by bicycle commuters, each equinox day, all over the world. It is called Bike Hour. On our own or in small groups, we make a point of simply being on our bikes between 6 and 7pm. We do this in the hope that one day, our persistence will be recognised and emulated by everyone who owns a bike, but who is frightened to use it for everyday trips to their schools, their work, or the shops. That means that if Bike Hour every caught on, in the way Earth Hour did, most of the people of Somewhereville would be on their bikes for that hour; almost everyone in Somewhereville owns a bike of some kind!  

Bike Hour recognises that cyclists are as diverse as folk who wear shoes, which is why it is not about riding in huge groups all in the same manner. In Somewhereville though, there is a general invitation for anyone planning to ride this coming Bike Hour (Saturday, 22 September, and 6pm) to meet up afterward near Somewhereville Fountain. If you would like to learn about this quietly growing world wide event, and about everyday bike riders’ perceptions of bike commuting here in glorious Somewhereville, do pop down an say hi. 

Meanwhile, you can learn a little more about Bike Hour from this information page http://cycle-space.com/?page_id=11289 , that has links to our social media pages, etc.. Feel free also to phone me on ………………….. .

All the best 

Whoever I Am

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  1. Angelina says:

    Hey ho
    We should write an article for The Conversation on the value of Bike Hour. That would get quite a few responses. Email me if you want to

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