At the NAi in Rotterdam he showed how the Netherlands is too focused on trains, to the detriment of more innovative bike infrastructure. At the AIA Centre for Architecture in New York he presented research showing how walking—New York’s sacred cow—doesn’t help those who are already obese. With his plenary at Velo-City he made the case for bikes within buildings.  

Wherever he speaks, Cycle Space International director Dr. Steven Fleming challenges the assumptions keeping cycling from saving the world.  



Forthcoming: Steven Fleming to be a plenary speaker at the annual conference of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia in October 2015.

17.4.2015  Steven Fleming, Angelina Russo and Daniel Oakman conduct one day workshop at the National Museum of Australia (NMA), titled Imagining Velotopia. (See report on workshops on NMA website).


13.2.2015  Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo conduct one day workshop at the Queensland Museum, titled Imagining Cycle-Spaces. (See report on workshops on NMA website).

29.11.14 Steven Fleming invited speaker and panelist at Pedal Brisbane.

30.5.14. Steven Fleming gives talk titled “Cycling to a Knowledge Economy” at the Australian Institute of Urban Studies – South Australia

29.5.14. Steven Fleming gives sub-plenary address at the annual conference of the European Cyclists’ Federation, Velo-City Global, in Adelaide. Title: “Inventing Building Typologies and Urban Morphologies that Proceed From Bicycle Motion”.


7.5.14 Steven Fleming speaks along with Harry Barber as part of the City Talks – Urban Landscape Seminar Series at Aurora Lecture Theatre in Hobart

14.4.14  Steven Fleming gives guest lecture at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.

12.4.14. Steven Fleming is keynote speaker at the 3rd International Cyclelogistics Conference in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


5.12.13. Angelina Russo and Steven Fleming deliver seminar titled,”Australians Dream of Speed” at the National Museum of Australia. (Transcript with slides)

22.10.13 Steven Fleming gives keynote, The Dollars and Sense of Building for Bikes, at The Australian Institute of Architects Sydney, in conjunction with Sydney Rides FestivalShort Communications, and AMP Capital.

17.10.13. Steven Fleming addresses The Building Designers Association of Tasmania, “Life in the fast lane: how a bicycle city lets you squeeze more into your day”.   (BDAT).

3.9.13. Steven Fleming presents underground bike highway and aircon bike parking vision for Singapore to directors and chiefs of URA, LTA, HDB and NPB. (pdf version of slide show)

9.8.13. Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo give talk titled: Futurama Reset, at Rapha Cycle Club Sydney, for the PowerHouse Museum as part of Design Sydney.

8.8.13. Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo give talk titled Bicycle Cities for the Future, at Pedal Power ACT

1.7.13. Steven Fleming is invited speaker at the Centre for Architecture, AIA New York for  International Bike Cities night of talks, and joins panel. (pdf version of slide showPhotos.


27.6.13. Steven Fleming and Anne Lusk present research on bike focused development to Boston Global Investors

22.11.12  Steven Fleming is invited speaker at Urban Bike Night, NAi Rotterdam. Talk and forum panel member.

534655_513812675309903_1850661294_n17.10.12  Steven Fleming gives plenary at Archifest Forum, SIA Singapore. Talk and forum panel member.

22.9.11, Steven Fleming presents “The Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD): A New Tool in Urban Resilience,” at Resilience in Urban Design, the 4th International Urban Design Conference, Gold Coast, Australia. Published proceedings (see pp.80-87)Video of talk.

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