So long 15 minutes of fame

This is the graph WordPress shows me each day, to remind how fickle you are. You only read my blog when it’s worth reading. Oh if only I could rely on my looks for attention. I would post teasing shots of myself in white bike shorts. But no, I have to rely on my wit, charm and mood, that can be so hard to control. My apparently brilliant idea of a Bike Hour each equinox, caused a flurry of blog views in March, that alas is about to slip off the left hand side of my daily hit graph. Perhaps I should have made it a monthly event 🙂


  1. Edward says:

    How were your stats when you posted those fabulous videos?
    Maybe more of that is the answer.

    • Steven says:

      I remember once googling “bicycle porn”, and noted someone was already on it. For now I should only hope my readership grows in parallel with the birth rate. That’s still better than Jesus.

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