Sneak preview of Genre de Vie

The makers of the documentary film Genre de Vie, about the bicycling way of life, have posted a sneak preview of their film to their blog. I’m naturally delighted to have been featured alongside some great talking heads—alas, they don’t include David Byrne.

Though the film makers, Jorrit and Sven, are asking readers of their blog to comment on their editing style, I personally wouldn’t change it at all! This pair moonlight as bike messengers around Rotterdam, meaning absolutely everyone in town knows them, including the folk there at NAi010 Publishers. This means there has been talk of some kind of combined promotion of their film and my book. For a sneak peak of the latter, have a look at NAi010’s Fall Catalogue that has just gone up on their website. All very exciting…

…as is my life at the moment. The Behooving family have just arrived in Launceston Tasmania, last Saturday night. I gave my first lecture the moment I went on the payroll of UTAS, at 9.00am yesterday morning. So yes, I am playing catch-up on a number of fronts.



  1. Lukas says:

    I agree, it looks great. NYC is also a pretty good way to kick off a story. One thing though: When I cycle I always try to avoid getting airborne as best as I can. Can you elaborate on cycling getting pretty close to flying (outside obviously the context of half pipes and those tricky BMX fellows?)

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