Snap shot of New York, July 2013

I had to clear some space on my mac-air drive and came across some photos I took last year in New York that I had forgot ever taking. Citi-Bike had just started, the Occupation of Wall Street was still fresh in everyones memories, and everywhere there was a sense that spatial rights were being renegotiated. My impressions are all in the captions. Feel free to add yours with a comment.

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  1. Colin says:

    I was there at the same time – July 2013 – spent 4 days riding Citibike around. I found the cycling environment much better than Sydney – it was flat, and the general road environment in the Citibike areas was quite bike friendly, perhaps with the exception of midtown Manhattan, and anywhere too close to the bridges. I spent my first few minutes getting outraged about people blocking bike lanes, but this quickly faded. The general chaos and disorderliness and lawlessness reminded me of cycling in developing countries such as Vietnam. But very fertile ground for cycling to become a dominant force.

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