Site Architects, bicycles and digs at car culture

Idiosyncratic architects are often overlooked. Their work defies the shared values of camps, so is hard to write about, or appreciate. Add the fact that James Wines himself starts life as King of kitsch, and next publishes a book that would have us believe he’s the Gandhi of green, and you could be forgiven for ignoring Site (now "Site Envirodesign"), as so many do.
But there are some sly digs at car-culture in Site’s work, plus some lionizing of bikes, worthy of brief mention here, in the world’s leading blog about buildings and bikes. "Highway ’86 Processional" was an architectural art fixture, that kids could treat as a playground while their parents were caught in queues at the 1986 Canadian World Exposition. Every mode of human transport, from lunar pods to running shoes, was included in this life size, petrified highway scene. And there are so many bikes! Maybe because secondhand bikes were cheap to get hold of.
Petrified bikes featured in one Site’s famous BEST stores. They did a chain of these, another playing with the idea of a supermarket being re tarred in a hurry (by retards with retarring equipment). Kinda funny, if you hate car parks and cars, as I guess most bicycle advocates do.

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